Megaflow Rewards

To thank you for your loyalty to Megaflo we give you points for every cylinder that you register on Megaflo Rewards.

You can redeem your points in our rewards catalogue. Below is a sample of the points you will earn for registering a cylinder on Megaflo Rewards:

  • Megaflo Eco 145i - Indirect: 1900 points
  • Megaflo Eco 170dd - Direct: 1800 points
  • Megaflo Eco 170i - Indirect: 2200 points
  • Megaflo Eco 210dd - Direct: 2100 points
  • Megaflo Eco 210i - Indirect: 2700 points
  • Megaflo Eco 250dd - Direct: 2500 points
  • Megaflo Eco 250i - Indirect: 3200 points
  • Megaflo Eco 210si - Solar Indirect: 2700 points
  • Megaflo Eco 250si - Solar Indirect: 3200 points
  • Megaflo Eco Slimline 150d - Indirect: 960 points
  • Megaflo Eco Slimline 170d - Indirect: 1080 points

You will find the full list of cylinders you can register and points you'll earn here.

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*You will be able to redeem your points once your cylinder registration proof of purchase has been validated.
** Terms and conditions apply.

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